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I've been on LiveJournal since two months before 9/11 happened. I hopped around various LJ spin-offs for a while and finally came back to LJ in '03. I didn't think I would join another spin-off again, but for some reason I can't explain, I'm really attracted to this site. (Well, okay, the fact that it has an attractive diversity statement is a boost known to me. But that's a small piece of the pie.)

So anyway, about me. I suppose there is no more intimate a way to know me at this stage of my life than to know my fresh-outta-bed face:

I won't be held legally responsible for any damages that may occur to your monitor.

I'm Rebecca. Some people shorten that to Becca. I don't care which one you go with. Just don't call me Becky. (Call [personal profile] sexlaxitives Becky! She's my close compadre and artistic partner in crime.) My other BFF is Angelina. I live in a small studio apartment with two cats and a girl.

I wanted to find a single adjective or verb to sum me up for my username. At first I had "acquiesce" in mind, but the more I thought it over, the more it seemed to set me up as a pushover rather than give a glimpse at my overall personality. "Effuse" came to mind after some further contemplation, and it clicked. I'm an intensely emotional person and I wear it all on my sleeve. I would like to gain more composure, but never at the expense of passion of feeling.

It's April 7, 2010, two minutes away until April 8, and the best word to describe my place in life at the point of officiating this as my new journal is just lost. But it is also transitional. I've lived in the same small city for twenty-five years of my life, and in September it is certain I will be moving to a major city. The reasons are all over the place, but in my gut, it just feels right, Brian. It feels right. Gut instincts are really all I rely on right now as trying to cram myself into portraits of what/who I should be hasn't really worked so far. I'm lost, but I feel as though a little bat is guiding me through the blackened forest of my days. There is definitely something to be found, or I am to be found, who knows which. I just know that the future is coming on and it won't always be as bleak and depressive as things are today.


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